About The Inverted Dungeon

The Inverted Dungeon came about as a site to a forum that came from a forum that came from a site. It's a weird, wacky tale, and if you really want to know more about it, read along...

The (lengthy / boring) Story of The Inverted Dungeon

A long time ago (so long ago it makes the editors of this site just a little sad about our misspent youth), there was a forum. Said forum was a part of a web site called the Castlevania Dungeon (a site that has also seen its share of lengthly hiatuses). The Dungeon is (for the Castlevania fan) the premier fan site on the net.

As with any forum back in the early days of the internet (back before the tubes were clogged with social networking, but long after they'd become delightfully clogged with porn), the fans flocked there to discuss their favorite games in their favorite series, because that's what people did before blogs, vlogs, tweets, tlogs, and all that other crap.

But, as with any forum back in the Wild West of the net, it was eventually hacked. And for a time the fans had no where to go. Eventually another forum was created, and for some the joy was back. For others, however, the new wasn't quite like the old. Those fans of the forum elected to create a new place for themselves.

That place was known as The Bootleg Castlevania Dungeon Forum (in reference to the fact that it was designed to look like the old, beloved forum, yet not run by the site administration). This forum was eventually renamed The Inverted Castlevania Dungeon Forum, and as it grew in popularity, a small site was put together to aid the forum.

And then more pages were added, and then more, and eventually the site grew large enough to be its own, unique entity.

Interestingly, after a while The Inverted Dungeon moved away from the old forum and made a new one more appropriate to the content provided (and more accomodating to the new sites that were joining up with the Inverted Dungeon). So, really, if you're keeping track, that means:

Site >> Forum >> Forum >> Site >> Forum.

What's with ReBirth?

The current incarnation of The Inverted Dungeon is termed "ReBirth" (in reference to the series of remakes/reimagings done by Konami under that same name). We call it "ReBirth" because the site has been completely remade, not just in the code and layout, but all the content, too. This is an all new site.

Now, we at the The Inverted Dungeon will admit that part of the need for this revamp is because we, as writers, failed to update this site for years. After a few calls for the site to "be less dead, damn it!", we gave in and got to work. This site has risen, like Dracula (only, you know, on an arguably faster time schedule).