Asteroid G

From the Distant Reaches of the Cosmos

Space, infinite and unimaginable. Darkness in every direction, speckled with pin-points of light traveling millions of miles just to be seen. A blackness all consuming, never ending, and always expanding.

But from the darkness comes an object, illuminated by the light of the nearby star. An asteroid, brimming with life. Filled with vast reservoirs of knowledge, deep crevices full of media, this asteroid is a home for all, a welcome retreat for the geeky.

This is Asteroid G, a home for the cinephiles, a land for the gamers, a haven for geeks.

Welcome to Asteroid G

From the creators of the Inverted Dungeon, we welcome you to a classic project, resurrected and updated once more. This is Asteroid G, your home for media reviews, as well as thoughts, musings, and random, funny ideas. A place to unwind and discuss the content of the day (or, really, to have us talk at you about it for hours on end).

It's a home for the geeky, on an object from outer space.