Carmilla's Castle

The Levels of Castlevania


Circle of the Moon

Technically speaking, even though CotM is a Castlevania game, and has many of the same level elements of other games in the series, it does not actually take place at Castlevania. If you pay attention in game you will notice it takes place at Carmilla's Castle. I guess the correct name would be Castle Karnstein, but eh, minor detail.

It does help to explain some of the differences between the castles. Of those differences, once of the most notable is the lack of a Grand Hallway or a Castle Keep. New areas not really seen since that are part of thise castle do include the Battle Arena and the Warehouse.

It is nice to see a different emphasis in the game, bringing Carmilla, a character only barely used in Rondo before, and give her a main spot, equal to Death and Dracula. Kinda neat.

You gotta give credit to Dracula. He knows how to turn a buck. He's taken his empire of evil and made it into a money making coropration... which doesn't in anyway make it less evil. Money and evil usually go hand in hand. Plus, Dracula likes the title of "CEO." Makes him feel even more powerful than before.

Dracula does know how to invest. He realizes that just relying on his own Coropration of Evil for his finances could be a folly, especially with potential upstarts always coming along to try and take a piece of the Castlevania tourist market. So, part of a good investment is buying up the competition. While there is always the danger of market oversaturation, owning all the big tourist traps does tend to leave a business solvent.

Thus, Castlevania's newest resort (bought from the old managment), Castle Karnstein, or, simply, Carmilla's Castle. This newest hot spot has all your needs in one great location. Hotels, Casinos, death traps... well, maybe you'll want to avoid that last bit. If you can't get into Castlevania, or are simply looking for a touch of the gothic but a new location, Castle Karnstein is just the place for you.