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Looks like the domain has passed away.
But that was just a lie.
Because here we are, on the set to be revived.
Welcome to The Attic..
Serving Castlevania fans ever since Dracula first died.

I dunno... a 90's urban high school for Castlevania.. CV High? Sorry I don't got Skreech there, though.

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Down The Attic - The Site Index.
The Castlevania Albums - The Character Biographies.
The Castlevania Jukebox - Music all the way down to MIDI!!!
The Castlevania Gameroom - The Hacks & Roms.
Castlevania Tears of Blood - A Castlevania Role-Play!!!
The Past to the Present - The Animations!!!
The Minds of the Vampire Killers - Full Info about all the games!!!
The Castlevania Crackups - The Humor Section!!!
Castlevania Destiny - The Links Section!!!

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