Castlevania Sites:

The Castlevania Dungeon: Kurt Kalata's site, it's the original and best Castlevania site on the web.

Dracula's Curse THE PAGE!!!: Eric Roman had the original site of Castlevania humor, and here it is.

The Inverted Castlevania Dungeon: One of the newer Castlevania sites, and host for this site. Quite good, and Eric Roman is a contributor. The site's creator is Darkmoon Firelyte.

The Castlevania Attic: Run by one Raven Reaper, it's in the elite of the modern day CV sites!

Castlevania Bloodlust: Another sweet site with nice presentation!

Other Sites: Moby is my favorite musician. The message boards here are a blast, too. (My name on them is ghost_hounds.)

Magic The Gathering official site: A hobby of mine which takes up just as much time as gaming.

Magic The Gathering Official Message Boards: My name here is Blue Mana Drop. The card creator section is a blast. Search "Vision Bird" (my most rated card), and click on my name for my list of my 100+ created Magic cards.

Bruce Campbell's official site: The man is God. If you haven't seen the Evil Dead movies, block out the time to do so.

Zeta Gundam Warehouse - Mobile Suits: A nice pictorial guide of the Mobile suits from the original and older Gundam series'.

The Internet Movie Database: You haven't lived until you've spent an hour searching tangent after tangent here, by clicking through various actor/actress and movie links.

Gamefaqs: You've probably been here before if you're visiting this site.

The Magic Box: My favorite gaming information site. Mac users only, this is for console and OS operators for the Macintosh. PC users, you don't need my help, you guys have twice as many sites like this!

Version Tracker: A great utilities download site for both Macintosh and Windows.

John's Old Rants: Once found on this side of the page.