About Asteroid G

This site has gone through many incarnations over the years. Decades ago (gods, it really has been that long), this site was named "Darkmoon's Domain" (as the site creator, Mike Finkelstein, goes by "Darkmoon" online) and it was a dumping ground for various thoughts and ideas, and media reviews. Over time the name of the site changed, to "The Domain", before eventually dying off from lack of use.

As you will see, this has happened repeatedly over the years.

After a couple of years of disuse, the site was revived by Darkmoon and a few other editors and renamed "Asteroid G". The name came from the asteroid in X-Men comics, Asteroid M (as in the asteroid home for Mutants). The site was designed to be a repository for all things geeky, thus the "G", and it served as a collection of articles, thoughts, ideas, and media reviews. Essentially the same kind of content that was on it before.

But then, after about a year of work, many of the editors fell away, and the site eventually ran out of steam. And so it lay still once again.

Jump forward five years from there, and the original site creator, Darkmoon, elected to revive the concept again, this time on Tumblr as "Musings of the Jewpacabra" (this time based on his current Twitter handle). The site/blog was, you guessed it, a repository for ideas, thoughts, and media reviews. And, like the previous incarnations, it eventually ran out of steam.

Now, however, we're trying again with the site (largely because we have movies we love to watch and we want to write about them -- this is totally a self-serving website). It will be, of course, a repository for ideas, thoughts, and media reviews. New articles will be posted as we feel like it, but you can also check out previous postings from the previous incarnations of the site (although everything from the old Domain days is gone because it was just, truly, terribly written).

So yeah, there ya go. Hope that answered your question. You did have a question, right?

Hey, What Does This Site Cover?

Ideas, thoughts, and media reviews, naturally. Mostly movie reviews, but we'll also cover video games, anime, TV, books, plays, comedy specials, and whatever other pop-culture happens our way. Along the way we'll occasionally talk about random thoughts and ideas that come our way, although we rarely get political.

The reason we avoid politics is mostly because there's no point. The site contributors are all quite opinionated and (by and large) very liberal. While we have thoughts on politics that we'll rant about to each other all the time, posting things like that online don't tend to do much good. Healthy debate is great but the internet very rarely has healthy debate. Instead you get trolls yelling at other trolls and no one really paying attention to what the other person is saying.

We've been in enough of these arguments to know, first hand, how pointless it can be.

Thus while we might touch upon topics that could get political (we talked about global warming at one point and, more recently, gender politics in superhero media) we try to do it from a perspective to actually explore the ideas behind it, not just rail about our ideology. We find the discussions work better that way.

Most of the time, though, we just wanna talk about whatever stupid crap we just watched.

What's Your Editorial Process?

Right now it's very minimal. Most of the time it's just one person (Mike) writing everything for this site, making it, essentially, a pop-culture blog. His process is to write everything in Notepad, stream-of-consciousness, and then post it up, going back once a month to edit it all later. This is why for a little while some typos might appear on pages as we go through them in batches and fix them later. He prefers to write this way as, if he does his writing in Word, for example, the word processes uses variant characters (for quotes, long hyphens, ellipses, etc.) that he would then have to go through an mass-replace before posting anyway (as this server is picky about special characters).

That said, if regular contributors do join the fold again (like we used to have back in the old days of Asteroid G, then a formal editing process, with workshop, will be implemented at that juncture.