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  • The Fast and the Furious
    • The first film in the franchise, the one that started it all. Often dismissed as a Point Break rip-off, there's more to this movie than that. There's also cars, and more cars, and other cars. It's very different!
  • 2 Fast 2 Furious
    • With Diesel passing on the first sequel, Paul Walker stepped up to headline the movie. The result is a film that tries to play on the plot beats of the first movie but doesn't really have the core acting strength to quite pull it off.
  • The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
    • How do you make a sequel to a franchise when neither of the main leads wants to return? That's the question this third entry had to answer as it moved the location to Japan to highlight a very different kind of racing.
  • Fast & Furious
    • Reuniting the core cast from the first movie, this fourth effort serves as a soft-reboot, putting the focus back on the original story and moving all the main characters forward.
  • Fast Five
    • Now on the run, our heroes end up in Brazil where then engage in theivery and destruction in this very enjoyable caper flick.
  • Fast & Furious 6
    • To try and clear their names and be free, the team is called back together to go after a dangerous international criminal. It'll take all their skill, and charisma, to stop this new villain, Owen Shaw.
  • Furious 7
    • Although Shaw was stopped, there's a new problem: his brother, Decakard Shaw, who wants revenge on the whole team.
  • The Fate of the Furious
    • A new hacker/elite villain is on the scene and, somehow, she's managed to bring Dom over to her side. The rest of the team will have to work together to stop her and find out why Dom ha betrayed them all.
  • Hobbs and Shaw
    • Spinning out from the franchise, this film pairs up Deckard Shaw and Agent Hobbs for another whirlwind spy thriller.
  • F9: The Fast Saga
    • Dom and his gang are forced to take on a new threat better and stronger than they've ever faced before: stupid plot twists.
  • Fast X
    • The son of a past villain comes for Dom and his family, and a battle of family versus family kicks off the beginning of the end.

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  • Better Luck Tomorrow
    • A group of students create their own little crime ring in this film only tangentally related to a larger franchise.

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  • Point Break (1991): A review of the Keanu Reeves/Patrick Swayze surfer crime flick that, in a round about way, launched a franchise.
  • Fastlane: A review of this television series that desperately wanted to be the Fast and the Furious, to middle results.
  • Torque: What's better than cars? Motorcycles. That's the opinion of this movie, anyway, although the final result seems to argue otherwise.
  • Point Break (2015): A remake of the original 1991 film that tries to go hard in the direction of The Fast and the Furious, but lacks the heart.

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