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Original Series

  • Halloween (1978)
    • We start things off with a look at the first film in the series, a film that not only kicked off one of the longest (and most rebooted) slasher series in movie history, but is credited with reshaping the very genre as well.
  • Halloween II (1981)
    • Released three years after the original, the second film in the series picks up the very same night, following Laurie Strode's continuing battle with Michael Myers. We take a look to see how it compares to the original.
  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch
    • We take a dive into the attempt at the different kind of story for the series, the only one to ditch Michael Myers entirely. Let's look at the film that was supposed to launch an "anthology approach" for the series.
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
    • After the failure of the third film in the series, the producers went back to the series' roots for another stab (so to speak) at Michael Myers. We take a look at the film to see if it's a cut above the rest (god, the puns).
  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
    • Since the fourth film wasn't an abject failure, the series continued to trot out the masked killer for further murders. We take a look to see how this slaughter compares to what came before.
  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
    • The film that effectively ended Michael's reign of terror for years. We take a planned look at the film to see just what went wrong.

Kevin Williamson Reboot

  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later
    • Marking the first time the series attempted to reboot itself, this film ditched everything that came after Halloween II to give us a new look at Laurie Strode and just how she suffers under the curse of Michael Myers.
  • Halloween: Resurrection
    • Since H20 didn't suck, the producers just had to make another film in the series (this, despite the previous film being billed as the "final confrontation" between Laruie and Michael). Also not, this film sucked, but we'll take a planned dive to see just why that is.

Rob Zombie Reboot

  • Halloween (2007)
    • After Resurrection, the series was on life support. Then in stepped Rob Zombie, horror auteur, with his own take on the wole mythos. The films get rebooted, and we get a new, planned look at the Michael Myers story.
  • Halloween II (2009)
    • Picking up after the events of the reboot, we follow new Laurie Strode as she, too, is haunted by Michael. We take a planned look at the film to see if it was any good, and maybe if it deserved to kill the series once more (like it did).

David Gordon Green Reboot

  • Halloween (2018)
    • Another decade, another attempt at a reboot. This one brings back the original Laurie Strode, gets rid of everything after the 1978 original, and says, "what happened in Michael came back 40 years later." Killing. Lots of killing, and we took a look at all the blood, gore, and death that came along with it.
  • Halloween Kills
    • Michael isn't dead and the whole town is after him in this less than stellar sequel.
  • Halloween Ends
    • The trilogy comes to an end with a time jump, a new killer, and the seeming passing of the torch... that then comes to nothing at all.

Other Media

  • Halloween (1983)
    • To the Atari 2600 we get another visit from Michael Myers, and while the game is basic it's actually not terrible.

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