The Lost Fleet Series

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  • The Lost Fleet
    • Stuck on the other side of occupied space, Acting Fleet Captain Jack Geary has to get his ships back across hostile systems to reach home, and maybe end a war. We take a dive into the first six books for look at the single continuous story within.
  • The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier
    • Captain Jack Geary is back with more adventures in Alliance and Syndic space... and beyond. We take a planned dive into the novels to see how he fares.
  • The Lost Stars
    • Set parallel to the events of Beyond the Frontier, these novels focus on the Midway system which fought for, and gained, it's independence from the Syndicate systems. Now they just have to keep it with hostile forces on all sides.
  • The Genesis Fleet
    • We take a trip back to the beginning, before the Alliance and the Syndicate, to see how the great power struggle over space really began. Take a dive with us into this trilogy of prequel novels.