The Massacre Series

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  • The Slumber Party Massacre
    • We start our dive into this shlocky, silly, Corman-produced series of slasher flicks with a dive into the first film in the series. Let's attend a slumber party and see who comes out alive.
  • Sorority House Massacre
    • The first continuation of the Massacre series was not a direct sequel but a side-story taking place in a sorority. Sadly, things don't go any better for these college ladies than they did at the slumber party...
  • Slumber Party Massacre II
    • A direct sequel of sorts to the original Slumber Party, this continuation of the series adds in a dream killer and a lot of confusion. We take a look at the film to see just what went wrong.
  • Slumber Party Massacre III
    • A back-to-basics continuation, this film ignores jusut about everything that came before and gives us more of what we expect from the series: a killer attacking girls with a drill. We dive in to see if the film succeeds or is just another ho-hum slasher flick.
  • Sorority House Massacre II: Nighty Nightmare
    • The second film in the Sorority House series, this one supposedly has some connection to all the films that came before. We take a planned dive in to see just how is measures up.
  • Hard to Die
    • The last of the original series, we take a planned dive into this spin-off to find outy if it's a killer flick or another lame retread.
  • Cheerleader Massacre
    • Little is known online about this late-day continuation of the series. Reports mark it as much as a parody of the original series as a true sequel. We take a planned dive in to find out just what's going on.
  • Cheerleader Massacre 2
    • A sequel to the new film, we take a planned look at this film to see how it compares and if it's a worth continuation of the series.