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  • Mega Man
    • We begin with a look at the starting title in the series, the first adventure to feature elemental bosses, selectable stages, and multiple weapons. This is the first story of the Blue Bomber, Mega Man.
  • Mega Man 2
    • Mega Man returns for a second shot at stopping the evil Dr. Wily. We take a dive into what many consider to be the best game in the entire series. What do we think? Let's find out...
  • Mega Man 3
    • There are some that like the second game, while others feel the third title is where the Mega Man series really reached its pinnacle. We take a look to see what makes this third game in the series so great.
  • Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
    • Having conquered the NES three times over, Mega returns for a familiar challenge in a new locale: the portable in your hands. Let's take a look at the Blue Bomber's first adventure on the Game Boy.
  • Mega Man 4
    • More Mega, more Wily, and more robots to fight. Mega Man 4 was a refinement of the NES game that came before, but did it really push the series forward? We take a look to find out.
  • Mega Man II
    • Taking a second spin on the Game Boy, Mega Man is back in black & white for a second, longer adventure on the small screen. Is this game an improvement on the first adventure, or just a sad retread? Let's find out.
  • Mega Man 5
    • While not a big leap forward for the series, Mega Man 5 marked another solid iteration on the great formula. We take a look at the game to see if another iteration for the series is enough to carry the day.
  • Mega Man III
    • Mega Man returns for a third outing on the Game Boy. Revisiting his foes from Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 4, the black & white Blue Bomber travels through eight tough-as-nails Robot Master stages all for a chance to take on Dr. Wily. But is this game another hidden gem of the Game Boy library, or a mistep for the handheld series?
  • Mega Man IV
    • Mega Man takes a second trip to the Game Boy in quick succession, giving us a taste of the Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 5 foes in this revisit title. Does this game refine the portable series, or is it just another slog? We take a look and see.
  • Mega Man 6
    • Released near the end of the NES's life cycle, this sixth and final game for the system marked a number of small changes for the series, but nothing major. Nearly a forgotten entry, we take a look to see if it's a grand, 8-bit finale.
  • Mega Man V
    • Mega Man takes one last run on the Game Boy, fighting against a new batch of robots, the Stardroids. But while these enemies may be new, the adventure feels all too familiar...
  • Mega Man: The Wily Wars
    • We go back to the first three NES adventures, but remade for the Sega Genesis. For the first time, Mega Man is in the 16-bit era, and we explore the potential of this crossover title.
  • Mega Man Soccer
    • Now here's an ill-fated idea: let's put Mega Man in a soccer game. It goes just about as well (or, really, badly) as you'd expect.
  • Mega Man 7
    • The only main-line Mega Man title for the SNES (as most of the rest were Mega Man X games), this game marked an interesting shift for the series as Capcom worked to redefine their hero for a new era. We take a planned look to see how that worked out.
  • Mega Man (Game Gear)
    • After upgrading to the SNES, Mega Man took a quick detour back to his handheld routes. This time, however, his adventure was on the Game Gear, marking only the second game in the series to appear on Sega hardware.
  • Mega Man: The Power Battle
    • With all the directions Mega Man could go, you know what we really needed? A fighting game starring the Blue Bomber. Sadly, this wasn't the game we were hoping for.
  • Mega Man 8
    • And then the series shifted over to the PlayStation for it's eighth iteration. While an interesting step forward in some respects, we take a look to see if the series really had anything new to say on this new hardware.
  • Mega Man and Bass
    • And then the series went back to the SNES for a Japan-only spin-off title featuring two playable heroes, markedly incresed difficulty, and a changed-up level select system. We take a planned dive in to see if this was a lost gem or an also-ran.
  • Mega Man 9
    • After many years away from the spotlight, the original Blue Bomber was back for a new, 8-bit inspired, stripped down game for the Nintendo Wii. We take a planned look to see if this game have that same classic magic of original series.
  • Mega Man 10
    • With the success of the ninth title, Capcom went to work developing a second, 8-bit inspired title. But was Mega Man already falling back into his classic rut, or could this new title keep pushing the hero forward. Let's take a planned look to find out.
  • Mega Man 11
    • After another pause in the series, Mega Man is back once more, ditching the 8-bit graphics for a modern aesthetic and style. This eleventh numbered title in the series features new abilities, new controls, and a whole lot of robots to fight.

Further Discussion:

  • Mega Man Syndrome: A discussion of the whole of the Mega Man series and the trends Capcom eventually fell into.
  • Mega Flight of Fancy: Wouldn't it be cool if all the Battle Network games could be merge into a single mega-title? Let's see how that would work.
  • You Got...: And speaking of huge mega-titles, what about if we could make a single, Wily Wars-style compilation of the entire series. Wouldn't that be a thing?

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