Ocean's Eleven Franchise

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  • Ocean's 11 (1960)
    • A planned look at the original, Rat Pack film that started the franchise.
  • Ocean's Eleven (2001)
    • While the original may have started it, the Soderberg film from 2001 arguably is the true start of the franchise. This movie was a huge financial success that spawned two sequels, a latter spin-off, and came to define what caper movies looked like for years.
  • Ocean's Twelve
    • With the success of the original, there was a desire to follow the further adventures of this gang of criminals. The second film took the con-men out of the Vegas roots for a Europe-hopping adventure. For fans, though, the second film just didn't have the spark of the original. We explore what went wrong with the film in our review.
  • Ocean's Thirteen
    • Taking a back-to-basics approach, the third film returns our crew to Vegas for a tale of grifting and revenge. But how does it compare to the original, and, more importantly, does it send out favorite criminals out on a high note?
  • Ocean's 8
    • Get get back into the slick, easy vibes of the criminal underworld with a look at the female-lead cast of this Ocean's spin-off.

See Also:

  • The Sting: Credited as a major influence on the Oceans's series, this Redford and Newman flick packs a lot of style into a solid package.
  • No Sudden Move: This 1950s Detroit-set caper comes from director Soderbergh but lacks the specific panache that made the best Ocean's films such a treat.