The Works of Sam Raimi

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The Evil Dead Series

  • The Evil Dead
    • Demons attack a group of teenagers at a cabin in the woods after they (stupidly) read a magic, evil book in this gory, creepy horror film.
  • Evil Dead II
    • Adding in more comedy, this sorta-sequel improved everything that made the first movie so interesting.
  • Army of Darkness
    • Sent back in time, and abused by the Deadites, Ash once again has to fight to save himself (well, and I guess the world, too).

Spider-man Series

  • Spider-man
    • We begin our dive of Spider-man on film with a look at the first big-budget production of the ol' web head. This film helped to launch the whole superhero genre, so let's take a look and see just how heroic it really is.
  • Spider-man 2
    • The first film in the series was such a big success that Sony brought everyone back, director and actors, for another stab at the superhero gold. We find out if it's a superheroic sequel or kind of a dud.
  • Spider-man 3
    • Take a journey with us into the third, and arguably weakest, of the Raimi run of Spider films.

Other Movies

  • The Quick and the Dead
    • Sam Raimi makes a very Sam Raimi Western, but it works so well in this under appreciated 1995 action classic.