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  • Justice League vs. Teen Titans (DCAMU 06)
    • Damien Wayne doesn't play well with others, a trait his father would like to see changed. So he's put on a team with other supepr-powered teens to see if they can work together for once. Probably not, though.
  • Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (DCAMU 08)
    • Now a unifed team, the Teen Titans have a new threat to deal with: Deathstroke, a villain dead set on ending the Titans for good.
  • Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (DCAMU 15)
    • And with this, the war that has been building over fifteen movies finally happens. And with it, DC ushers in an end to this continuity

Teen Titans Go!

  • Teen Titans Go!
    • We dive the whole series to get an overview of this weird, wild, utterly strange take on these beloved sidekicks.
  • Teen Titans Go! To the Movies
    • The Titans are back, and this time on the big screen, as they take on Hollywood (and their own self respect) in this utterly bizarre, totally enjoyable, sometimes musical adventure.
  • Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans
    • For every fan of the 2003 version of the Titans, DC finally brought them back... in a crossover with the newer, Go! team. I'm sure all the fanboys will hate it.

Other Versions

  • Titans (2018):
    • The launch series for the DC Universe streaming app, this series starts with a darker, grittier take on our traditional team of fab teens (and a few adults this time around).
      • Season 1 (Arrowverse Coverage):
        • Week 2: Highlights from the premieres of Supergirl, Arrow, and Titans.
        • Week 3: Highlights from the premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, while the Titans find their Hawk & Dove.
        • Week 4: Supergirl plummets into the past while The Flash races around in circles.
        • Week 5: The Titans meet up with the Doom Patrol, while the Legends gain a new team member.
        • Week 6: The Flash gains a creepy new villain while Black Lightning loses part of its family.
        • Week 7: The Legends of Tomorrow take on a rubber-suit monster and Black Lightning gains another foes to face.
        • Week 8: Arrow finally gets out of prison while Black Lightning settles the score with its new villain.
        • Week 9: The Legends of Tomorrow battle a creepy doll while The Flash has a rip-roaring time adventure.
        • Week 10: We get a crisis setting up to a "Crisis" as the Arrowverse explores the "Elseworlds".
        • Week 11: The Titans accidentially unleash Trigon and John Constantine visits the City of Demons.
        • Week 12: The Titans finish their season and The Ray becomes The Ray.
      • Season 2 Review
      • Season 3 Review

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