Days of Future 'Pocalypse


The new trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past is out. It's an X-Men movie, so I'll likely see it in theaters regardless (hell, I had time to kill and willingly saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the theater, so my bar is set pretty low), but I have to wonder why they're adapting Days of Future Past and then Age of Apocalypse (since X-Men: Apocalypse is due out in 2016, and what other storyline would they do for a movie called "Apocalypse"? I doubt they're gonna adapt the X-Men Legends game, Rise of Apocalypse for the big screen... although that would be weirdly intriguing).

My gripe (as little as there is, mind you) is that we're going to get alternate-present versions of all our heroes in the "present day" part of Days of Future Past. This "present day" will be a setting that will, presumably, be much darker than what we're used to in the X-Men movies, and the actions in the past timeline will alter the heroes in the present, saving the day. That's the plot of the comics, and thus the plot of the movie. But then to follow it up with Age of Apocalypse (again, presumably), featuring alternate versions of our present day heroes (different ones from the ones we JUST saw in the previous X-Men movie) just seems weird. Like Fox Studios went down the list of the "top X-Men storylines" one day and was all "we should to these two, because they're the most famous ones after the Phoenix Saga"

I'm just a little confused is all. I have faith in Bryan Singer, and (ignoring X-Men Origins) all the films so far have at least been watchable (if not great -- I'm looking at your X-Men 3 and your horrific butchering of the Phoenix Saga). I just have to wonder "why?" Why not take some time to do something with current versions of current characters in-between two alternate-timeline stories?

Of course, if I was to suggest any plotline for them to do, I'd want Fox to team up with Marvel Studios to do an Avengers vs. X-Men movies. Marvel has been universally good (good to great, depending on the flick) with their movies, and it seems like bringing them in for an X-Men movie would be a no brainer. But Fox doesn't seem inclined towards that right now (from what I've read in the trades), so it's just a pipe dream until Fox says otherwise.

One day, maybe. We shall see...

Editor's Note: As it turns out, instead of adapting "Age of Apocalype" the film just made a new story set in the 1980s with Apocalypse as the villain. This is, somehow, an even greater tragedy as the "Age of Apocalypse" storyline is one of the most famous and beloved among X-Fans. By wasting Apocalypse in a mediocre film set on a normal version of Earth they both prevent Apocalypse from showing up in a better movie down the road and also eliminate any chance of a future movie adapting "Age of Apocalypse". Such a waste.