Workshop Wednesday

The Follower

And finally, to close out the saga of The Follower, I present the original plan for the first season of the show. This is the original set of notes, without changes or edits for how I've adapted the episodes for posting to Asteroid G. This is what we originally expected to write so you can get a view of the writing process for this project

Remember to catch up on the previous adventures of The Follower in the Works of Mike FinkelsteinWhat's that, you want to read various creative works from Asteroid G Lead Editor Mike Finkelstein? Well, if that's what you want... archive before reading these notes.

Bonus: Season One Notes
  1. Flashback: Follower tells the story of how he got in the business, and why the city is so crime-free.
  2. Kidnapped: Our superheroes go to a concert and foil a crime... Martha Steingarden is (not so) mysteriously kidnapped.
  3. Etiquette Goes Down: Martha is rescued, Etiquette is sent to prison (how, no one knows)
  4. Legal Pain: Apathy is sued for using a trademarked name, Temp is introduced as a legal secretary, while Follower mistakes her for an undercover superhero.
  5. Beauty Pageant: Our heroes mistakenly uncover a "plot" to destroy the local beauty pageant. They convince the Temp to go undercover, only to discover and avert real treachery at the last moment.
  6. Blind Date: Temp, looking for love, decides to use a computing dating service, only to end up on a blind date with the Bruise (sans costume).
  7. Earth, Wind, and Fire: Three geeks, with some control over the elements, battle our superheroes.
  8. Pyramid Scheme: Enemy, in an effort to gain capital to finance her evil plan, founds a pyramid scheme and motivational speaking company, which gains her city-wide acclaim.
  9. The Rent is Due: With mounting money problems, our superheroes all have to find part time jobs, while still finding time to thwart evil in the City.
  10. Karaoke/Femme Fatale: A Karaoke outing turns dangerous when the heroes encounter a heartbroken Bruise (singing "Hurts so Good") as well as a mysterious Femme Fatale who tries to seduce her way to Follower's defeat.
  11. Haunted House: Strange noises prompt the heroes to clean their apartment in an effort to excise whatever ghosts are inhabiting the grime. In the end, the noises turn out to be a strange toilet and the Black Cat, who is having kittens.
  12. Dark Black Cat: Overcome by motherly instincts, the Black Cat goes evil when it's time to give her children away.
  13. Carnival's In Town: Follower, convinced that the carnies are turning children into cotton candy, inadvertently breaks up a child prostitution ring (although we never actually say that...)
  14. Running for Mayor: Enemy decides to run for mayor to take over the city from the inside. Obvious, seeing her briefly out of costume with Bruise, puts the plot together. Our heroes valiantly try to overthrow her evil plan, until they discover that the mayoral election isn't for another two years.
  15. My Daughter's Dating a Supervillian: The heroes take a tour of the local TV studio. During one of the tapings, they somehow end up on a Jerry Springer-like show, with the title of course being "My Daughter's Dating a Supervillain."
  16. Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend: There's a building in town with the world's largest Cubic Zirconium sitting atop the building. Every year, at a particular time and day, the sunlight perfectly hits the stone, and a little Italian eatery catches fire nearby from the amplified light beam. Villains, thinking they can hold City Hall hostage if they turn the stone so the beam will hit the Hall, try to do just that. Of course, Obvious knows that the geometry for the plan would be all wrong... but no one listens to him. (sigh)
  17. Enemy's Day Off: Enemy decides to take a day off from villainy and treat herself to a day spa, leaving her henchman bored and the heroes paranoid that something huge is about to happen.
  18. Wikka Wikka: Temp locates a copy of Apathy's demo tape, and sends it to a record company for consideration. He's signed, thus ending the team's immediate money problems.
  19. Villicon 2006: The City is the host for this year's Villains' Convention, leaving our heroes with more than they can handle.
  20. The Fashion Police: A group of meaner-than-normal high school girls take it upon themselves to rid the city of horrible fashion. The goth teens of the area organize a resistance to fight back, organized by the grunge Apathy.
  21. Out of Towner: As our heroes discover a major area of Enemy's plot to crash the entire city's computer systems (including all security systems for the baks in town) and send Temp to try to obliterate the threat, Temp's sister Jenni comes into town to visit. The heroes try to conceal who they really are, so as not to frighten mild-mannered Jenni. When she returns home, however, we discover she is, in fact, a superhero as well.
  22. Enemy Goes Down: Temp and Obvious work the nets to try and make Enemy's plan backfire, while Follower and Apathy hit the streets to thwart the starting crimewave as the city's computers shut down. In the end, Enemy is caught, and the heroes rejoice. Yay.