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Early Works

  • Constantine (2005)
    • Keanu Reeves is the first to take on the mantle of Constantine and while the movie isn't faithful to the comics it's still solid in its own right.


  • Constantine (2014)
    • The first attempt at bringing John Constantine to the small screen was a success with critics even if it didn't track in the ratings.
  • Arrowverse
  • The Sandman (2022)
    • Based on the comics by Neil Gaiman, this series works to adapt tha authors ethereal tales for the small-screen, with sometimes limited results.

    DC Animated Universe

    • Justice League Dark (DCAMU 07)
      • A magical threat pushes its way across the Earth, so Batman has to team with an expert in magic: John Constantine. It's time to form a new faction of the League.
    • Constantine: City of Demons (DCAMU 11)
      • Spinning out of Justice League: Dark, this movie follows John Constantine as he deals with an invasion of demons from the deepest nether-pits of Hell.
    • Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (DCAMU 15)
      • And with this, the war that has been building over fifteen movies finally happens. And with it, DC ushers in an end to this continuity.
    • Constantine: House of Mystery (DCAMU 16)
      • Despite the universe coming to an end, Constantine lived on, trapped between dimensions in a hell dimension called the House of Mystery.

    Further Reading:

    • Constantine vs. Constantine: We compare the 2005 film for the 2014 series (and all the further appearances of Matt Ryan's vesion of the character).