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  • The Matrix
    • We begin our dive of The Matrix, the original and still best of the series. We review the film and discuss all the things it does to further the action genre.
  • The Matrix Reloaded
    • The follow up to the original film is a bit of a mess. We take a look and review the film, trying to pinpoint where things might have gone off the rails a bit.
  • The Matrix Revolutions
    • If the second film is a bit of mess, the third film is a complete disaster. What went so horribly wrong? Let's take a look.
  • The Animatrix
    • Finally, we review the whole series of anime shorts that were released around the same time as films two and three for the series. Let's take a dive and see how all these stack up.
  • The Matrix Resurrections
    • Lana Wachowski returns to the series she started with her sister for an attempt at redeeming the series and resetting everything that came before.

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  • >Johnny Mnemonic: Keanu's first attempt at dystopian cyberpunk internet hacker superheroics is more miss than hit.

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  • Thoughts on a Matrix Reboot: With Hollywood discussing relaunching, even rebooting, The Matrix, we play a little thought experiment and try to come up with a way that could work.
  • Thoughts on the Upcoming Matrix Sequel: Apparently a sequel to the series really is happening. That's probably not such a grat idea...
  • Matrix 5 Development: For some reason Warner Bros. are developing a new Matrix film and, no, this isn't a prank.

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