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  • Nintendo Entertainment System
    • This classic system, released originally as the Famicom in Japan, refocused the game and card company and made them into an international powerhouse.
  • Nintendo Game Boy
    • All the fun of the NES in a tiny, black-and-white package. It could have been a dud but it ended up being the most successful portable system ever.
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    • This 16-bit sequel was another smash hit for the company, although it's development decisions did allow competitors their own chance to shine.
  • Nintendo Virtual Boy
    • A portable system that could do true 3D anywhere? What could go wrong? Everything.
  • Nintendo 64
    • What should have been the next big leap for the company instead allowed contenders to steal the spotlight all because of one big decision: cartridges.
  • Nintendo Game Boy Color
    • When the Virtual Boy flopped hard Nintendo course-corrected and went back to what worked, the Game Boy, and simply added color.
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    • Another evolution of the classic Game Boy, this hand-held pushed the line even further into true SNES-quality graphics.
  • Nintendo GameCube
    • Nintendo's first disc-based system had a lot to like about it, but the console still wasn't a major contender.
  • Nintendo DS
    • Once called the "third pillar" when Nintendo wasn't sure if this two-screen hand-held would sell, the DS ended up finally taking the crown from the Game Boy, the first console that truly killed the classic portable line.
  • Nintendo Wii
    • Ignoring the need to push consoles to bigger and better graphics over and over, Nintendo instead introduced motion controls and discovered a new way to print money.
  • Nintendo 3DS
    • Once again evolving their popular hand-held, this portable added one major feature to the already popular Nintendo DS: 3D graphics. It's arguable if that really sold the system, though.
  • Nintendo WiiU
    • Another dark time for the console maker, what should have been an easy sequel console instead was one of Nintendo's biggest flops.
  • Nintendo Switch
    • An evolution of the ideas behind the WiiU, this console showed the true capabilities of what Nintendo wanted to do, and onec again managed to make Nintendo a real contender.

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