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RSitM Links:

The Castlevania Dungeon: gah. The goodest, betterest and bestest Castlevania site you'll ever find (next to ICVD, of course) =P

Castlevania Circle of the Moon: cool site about... yes, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon!

Dracula X (Japanese): the enumerated links lead to a different castle area, with cute artwork like this. Try Altavista.com to translate it. Though inaccurate, it's pretty funny. Medusa becomes "the petrochemical attack snake daughter"

I Love Bacon: so you thought you'd find nude Britney pics in my site? Well, too bad; you won't! That's what I Love Bacon is for! It's NOT porn, though. Just some dumb jokes, pranks, and maybe a few boobs here and there, but definitely NOT porn!

Dracula's Curse The Page: remember, it's not only one of the coolest Castlevania sites. It's a non-toxic, dolphin-free Castlevania site that RESPECTS GAIBON.

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