Castlevania: Rough Sex in the Moonlight

You read right, people. Just like Konami cancelled CV: Resurrection, they did the same with CV: Rough Sex in the Moonlight (looks like they didn't want a 18+ rated CV title). Anyway, I was able to get some of the plot and screenshots so far, so enjoy it and pray for I get it published, hehehe...

The Plot:

After a night at the Den (fucking cool pub, by the way), Alucard wakes up and has a terrible hangover. He starts looking for his porn collection just to find out that it has disappeared. He suspects of Richter, his evil roommate.

Alucard finds Richter, but the jerk claims to be the lord and owner of the porn. And Maria... well, she's hot, isn't she?

The Stages:

The Bathroom

"Hold on, I'm just refilling this Hydrostorm thingy!"

The Nudist Beach

I wonder why they didn't include this in the last Castlevania...

Veros Ghetto

"Hands up, moron. Hand over all your money!"

The Den

Too bad he's drunk. Otherwise he'd have noticed the blonde bitch got his wallet.

Outer Wall

So that was the telescope's real purpose!

And THIS was the halfling's!

The Nasty Cock Tower

Shame on you, what did you think it was?!

GayBon's Headquarters

For God's sake, knock on the door, you asshole!!

Horney Horse Stables

I don't think they're like that cuz the horse is tired...

The Organ Donation Clinic

"Shit, Vlad with V, not B, chickie! Hurry up, Dad needs a new liver! And a heart... And a rib... And..."

Continue this way to see the Monsters...