RSitM Submissions:

7/12/2001: Grrrr... I spent the last two hours uploading all the submissions and stuff, arranging it, RE-arranging it with a nice, jocular description of the pic, just to find myself doing it ONE MORE TIME after this %#@%& stupid Internet Explorer biyatch crashed...

So, what did we learn from this? Well, not to write stupid, moronic comments about chit, that's what we learnt!!

Sorry, I'm in a bad mood... The nice, jocular comments will be back the next time I update the site. Till then, adieu!

1 - French Maid: a cool pic, blah blah blah. By Zombie Joe. Blow me, I don't have his e-mail address. BTW, if you send me a pic but don't want me to show your e-mail address, just tell me not to do it, ok?

2 - Great Balls A'Fire: some of you already know this pic, blah blah blah, by Eric Roman. He sent me this warning .wav as well. Really neat, man; thanks!

3 - Shitterfly: it's gotta taste bitterer than your average Bitterfly... damn, I just had to include that comment. It was way too cool to ignore. Thanks, Wavid.

4 - Welcome to Aldra: a.k.a. the whore town, blah blah blah. Hey, this pic rules. Thanks, Wavid.

5 - Venus Weed Bully: it'd suck to be you, Maria. Thanks, Wavid.

6 - Breast Augmentation Laboratory: heh, this is one of my favs. AND, Birdo is a female, dammit. Thanks, Eric.

7 - Al Sucks, Richter Rules: groovy, a neat ani-gif. Blah blah blah, am I an idiot or what? I lost Evil Richter's e-mail address... But he's the author, ok?!

8 - Bonehead Ark: yay, everyone's favorite dinosaur is back! Stupid @ss... Pretty cool pic. Thanks, Eric.

9 - All your crap is belong to us: all so these pic is belong to Eric Roman, you heared me??

10 - Grantface Killah: blah blah blah, and the Crip Fake too. Wu-Tang Clan and Castlevania? Sweet, man! Thanks, Eric.

And, the ever famous Slograbilia!

Okay, those were all the contributions up to this point. Man, I'm tired...

Alright, go on Back to Top...