Castlevania: Grimore of Souls

Game Overview

Just when we thought the Castlevania series was dead and gone, a footnote that ended with the Lords of Shadow series and left shambling like a pachinko-zombie, Konami goes and surprises us with the announcement of a new game in the classic series.

Well, okay, for those of us in the West it wasn't much of an announcement just yet. Just about everything known about the game is what's available on the official Konami website, and that's all in Japanese (a bit of a bar for us U.S. English-speakers to get over). From what we have been able to ascertain, the new game, Castlevania: Grimore of Souls is a classic-inspired game featuring 2D platforming like the games of yore. The graphical style, though, is not sprite based but, instead, 3D rendered characters and backgrounds.

What's more curious is that the game is set to be released on mobile devices, which is presumably limited to just phones for now (although considering the marketability of the Nintendo Switch, it might not be a stretch to imagine it porting over to that system eventually). It seems like a mash-up title, featuring multiple players taking various characters from throughout Castlevania history through dungeons, fighting mosters, getting stronger, and fighting bosses (and, presumably, eventually Dracula).

So it seems like a mobile version of Harmony of Despair, a game we at the Inverted Dungeon certainly enjoyed. But this is all still speculation until more is known. When we read about it, we'll report it to you. Until then...