Inverted Dungeon Literature Reviews

As is well known, the Castlevania series was directly influenced by the Universal Studios and Hammer Films horror classics. Of course, those movies were based on novels and novellas, influential works of horror literature.

For completeness sake, and because we keep referencing them in our horror movie reviews, we've started reviewing these classics books as well.

Classics of Horror Literature

  • Carmilla. Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan. 1872.
  • Dracula. Stoker, Bram. 1897.
  • Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. Shelly, Mary. 1818.
  • The Vampyre: A Tale. Polidori, John William. 1819.

Castlevania Comics and Manga

The Castlevania series has produced a number of tie-ins and spin-off comics. Although they are of questionable connection to the official continuity of the series, we will review them as we find official English-language publications.

Other Books

Other Comics