Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth

Game Overview

In 2009, Konami launched a new remake initiative. Titled "ReBirth", the series would revisit classic titles from the major Konami franchises and give them a complete revamp -- not just new graphics, but new game-play, stages, the whole works. Castlevania, Contra, and Gradius each recieved a remake, with Adventure ReBirth being the third release of the three.

Starring Christopher Belmont, ReBirth effectively takes over for the original Castlevania Adventure in the official chronology. Christopher is still at Dracula's castle to destroy the evil vampire. It's been 100 years since the time of Trevor Belmont, so Dracula is back, and needs killing. The major, salient points have not changed.

What has, though, is everything else about the game. Unlike the original game, Christopher nows gets full access to his sub-weapons (all the standards, and not just a dagger and an axe). All the levels have been revamped, with new graphics across the board (Symphony-level graphics). Stages may reference the original levels (such as the Caverns and the Dungeons), but two new levels have been added, and everything has been completely remixed. Even the music has been redone, with new mixes and fully-original tracks, plus some enhanced tracks from other games (such as Chronicles) were included.

Stage length was also increased, making for a very long, at times rather difficult game -- this isn't a Metroidvania title, instead very much an old-school platformer. One nod to new games, though, is the inclusion of "keys" that can be used to find shortcuts and new paths through levels.

With a game like Adventure ReBirth, it's hard to say this is the "definitive" version of the game -- it's obviously made as a love-letter to the classic Castlevania games, and not just as a remake of Adventure. But with as difficult as the original game was (and how much people tend to not like that game because of it), having a new version that gives people a new chance at Christopher's "first" adventure is a welcome treat.