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Golden Age Films

  • Superman (1948)
    • One of the first adaptations of Supes for the big screen, this was a serial production giving the caped Kryptonian episodeic adventures to delight week after week.
  • Atom Man vs. Superman
    • The second serial adventure features Superman taking on a whole new villain for the fate of the city.
  • Superman and the Mole Men
    • Another serial adventure, although this one has the distinction of being repurposed as the pilot for Superman's first television series.

The Richard Donner Era

  • Superman (1978)
    • After decades away, Supes is back on the silver screen. Staring Chistopher Reeve in the title roll, this movie proved to audiences that, yes, you really could see a man fly at the theater.
  • Superman II
    • A troubled production that looks to take the work of the 1978 original and expand the adventure out bigger and better. Sadly, director Richard Donner left half-way in, and the final production left a lot to be desired.
  • Superman III
    • You know what Superman needs? A lighter, more comedic tone. No, actually, he doesn't, and this proves why that's a bad idea.
  • Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
    • The last of the Christopher Reeve movies, this ill-fated film has Superman taking on the threat of nuclear weapons. It's also terrible.
  • Superman Returns
    • Widely considered one of the worst Superman movies, this film does one thing right: it ditches the third and fourth Christopher Reeve films. Sadly, it still tries to be a belated sequel to film we'd last seen twenty years early, staying beholden to material that hadn't really aged well in the interim.

DC Extended Universe

  • Man of Steel (DCEU 01)
    • After watching the first of the DCEU films to be released, this adaptation of Superman gets a lot right (and a few things wrong). After watching the film more than once, we present our review.
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (DCEU 02)
    • After the relative success of Man of Steel (a film that made good money but didn't seem to really have the backing of critics or fans), DC followed it up with a semi-sequel, semi-crossover, putting in the only character in comics arguably bigger than Superman: the Batman. Sadly, the results were just not good.
  • Justice League (DCEU 05)
    • The production of Justice League was troubled, with original director Zack Snyder leaving part way in (for family reasons) and Joss Wheddon coming in to do extensive rewrites and re-edits. Although the final film is watchable, it's still not great in comparison to the filmic output of Marvel.

DC Animated Movie Universe

  • Justice League: War (DCAMU 01)
    • Picking up in the new, post-Flashpoint universe, we're introduced to all the members of the Justice League as they face off against a new, and very powerful, threat: Darkseid.
  • Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (DCAMU 03)
    • Introducing another new hero for the league, this movie gives us Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, four years before a similar adventure would come out on the big screen.
  • Justice League vs. Teen Titans (DCAMU 06)
    • Damien Wayne doesn't play well with others, a trait his father would like to see changed. So he's put on a team with other supepr-powered teens to see if they can work together for once. Probably not, though.
  • The Death of Superman (DCAMU 10)
    • When a movie has a title like this, I think we all know what's coming. Based on the comic series of the same name, this film is only going to end one way, and it won't go well for our titular character.
  • Reign of the Supermen (DCAMU 12)
    • Spoiler: Superman probably comes back in this one. If that's a surprise, seriously, go read some comics.
  • Batman: Hush (DCAMU 13)
    • All of Batman's villains are conspiring against him which leads Batman to think there might be an even bigger foe behind these machinations. If only he could figure out who...
  • Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (DCAMU 15)
    • And with this, the war that has been building over fifteen movies finally happens. And with it, DC ushers in an end to this continuity

Additional Animated Features

  • Justice League: The New Frontier
    • It's time for a retro adventure as the Justice League goes back to the 1950s era to take on an evil new threat, the Center.
  • All-Star Superman
    • We follow Superman on an story through the best of his Silver Age adventures while he woos Lois and battle Lex, all before he might just die...
  • Superman: Red Son
    • This Elseworlds tale (based on the comic of the same name) asks what would happen if Superman's ship had crashed into Mother Russia instead of the middle of Kansas.
  • Superman: Man of Tomorrow
    • We get a new version of Superman, once again starting our his career as a hero, as he takes on not only Lobo and Lex Luthor, but also the evil energy vampire, Parasite.

Additional TV Shows

  • Krypton
    • DC's Superman show that in no way features Superman (and not in a dumb, Smallville kind of way). It's honestly better than it has any right to be.
  • Robot Chicken DC Comics Special
    • No one likes Aquaman, everyone hates Aquaman, guess he'll go eat dirt in this first comedy special lambasting the whole of the DC Universe.
  • Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise
    • The sketch animation crew is back for another claymation stab at the DC Universe, this time focused on the villains as they head to the beach.
  • Superman & Lois
    • This Arrowverse-set series follows our titular couple as they move to Smallville to investigate corruption in the small town while they raise their two teenage boys.

Other Superman-Related Media

  • New Superman (Vol 1)
    • A review of the first volume of the Chinese Superman in his Rebirth-branded book.

Further Reading

  • Brightburn: Although the concept of a Superman that goes bad has been done before, this film at least takes the novel approach of going full-out horror with the concept.
  • Megamind: In 2010, Dreamworks Animation came out with this parody film that, more than anything, really seems to want to poke fun at the classic Richard Donner Superman films from the 1970s.
  • Superman on Film: An overview of how Superman has evolved on the silver screen over the years.
  • Superman and Jimmy, "A Tour of the Fortress of Solitude"