Castlevania Fanworks

With a series as long-running as Castlevania, a large and vocal fandom has, of course, sprung up around it. We should know as we at the Inverted Dungeon have created an entire site to discuss our own love of the franchise. This is what we fans do.

Collected within this section are various works of fan-love. Some are fanfics or works of art based on the series, others are fan-games suggested for review by the editors of this site. All are works of devotion by the fandom for other fans to enjoy.

If you have a fanwork you'd like to see posted to the Inverted Dungeon, please Contact our staff.


Note that some Castlevania fans have gone on to create their own games set outside the game universe. While obviously inspired by our favorite series, these games stand on their own and, as such, are listed over in our Related Games section.


Rom Hacks


Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon


Fanfics and Other Written Works

The editors of the Inverted Dungeon do not lay claim to any of the works featured within this section. If you are the creator and, for some reason, wish to have your work removed from this section, Contact our staff and we'll take it down.