#42: Die Even Harder Again

(Not So) Live from Asteroid G

It's one crew of talkative people against a series of films about terrorists as the (Not So) Live crew takes on Die HardThe 1980s were famous for the bombastic action films released during the decade. Featuring big burly men fighting other big burly men, often with more guns, bombs, and explosions than appear in Michael Bay's wildest dreams, the action films of the decade were heavy on spectacle, short on realism. And then came a little film called Die Hard that flipped the entire action genre on its head.. We revel in the first film, get disappointed by the sequels, and pitch what we'd do for the next film in the series (and no, no one of us McClain is necessary).

This week's episode of (Not So) Live from Asteroid G features special guest commentators Queen B and Rebecca Finkelstein.