Nerd News, July 2020: Coronavirus, Politics, Star Wars and... The Batman!

(Not So) Live from Asteroid G

This week (Not So) Live from Asteroid G is talking "Nerd News" and there's a lot to cover: not just the Coronavirus, but also politics and the Presidential election, Star WarsThe modern blockbuster: it's a concept so commonplace now we don't even think about the fact that before the end of the 1970s, this kind of movie -- huge spectacles, big action, massive budgets -- wasn't really made. That all changed, though, with Star Wars, a series of films that were big on spectacle (and even bigger on profits). A hero's journey set against a sci-fi backdrop, nothing like this series had ever really been done before, and then Hollywood was never the same. and a possible reboot, and four different versions of BatmanOne of the longest running, consistently in-print superheroes ever (matched only by Superman and Wonder Woman), Batman has been a force in entertainment for nearly as long as there's been an entertainment industry. It only makes sense, then that he is also the most regularly adapted, and consistently successful, superhero to grace the Silver Screen. all at once. Plus, apparently everyone in Hollywood sucks.

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  • July 7, 2020: Nerd News - Coronavirus, Politics, Star Wars and... The Batman!